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Southern Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences

brings together researchers from the different cities of the Southern Federal District for the joint solution of fundamental tasks that have priority for the international community and the development of the Russian state - its defense, political stability and socio-economic progress. In collaboration with other academic centers operating in the South of Russia, SSC RAS plays an important role in the coordination of research activities. Southern Federal District (SFD) is one of the most difficult and most problematic regions of the country, where it is necessary to predict the developments in various spheres of life considering all the complexities involved. The most acute problems here today are the problems of economic development, employment, migration and ethnic relations. SFD is the key in the current geo-political relations of Russia with the East and West. SSC RAS was created in December 2002 in Rostov-on-Don. SSC RAS quickly found its own specific features and dynamics of its strategic development, which is especially important in the complex structural transformation of Russian Academy of Sciences. SSC RAS is a system of scientific institutions, integrated multi-divisional branches and specialized laboratories located in 14 cities in the Southern Federal District - from Taganrog to Astrakhan and Volgograd to Grozny. This system brings together over 500 researchers, among whom more than 90 are doctors and 200 PhDs of sciences. Basic research areas are led by Academicians and Corresponding Members of RAS. All activities of the SSC RAS are held in full accordance with the Development Program of SSC RAS (RAS Act N 248 08.11.2005).
In 2008, the Institute of Socio-economic and Humanities Research (RAS Act N 353 20.05.2008) and the Institute of Arid Zones (RAS Act N 415 24.06.2008) were established. SSC RAS fully developed the mechanism of interaction with the leading universities in the Southern Federal District, and also established integration ties with the academic centers of RAS in SFD. The restoration of networking with the National Academies of Sciences of Armenia and Ukraine is in progress. Also,some effort is given to the development of logistics of SSC RAS.
All the major decisions made by the Bureau of SSC RAS are taken with the alignment of the apparatus of the Plenipotentiary Representative of President of the Russian Federation in Southern Federal District and the heads of territorial entities of SFD. SSC RAS is focusing its activities on key scientific issues to ensure national security, improve the economical, social and environmental conditions in the region. The priority here is given to the integration of the scientific divisions created by Bureau into the scientific research activities of RAS by participating in the Programs by Bureau and Branches of the RAS.
SSC RAS developed close ties to Rostov, Kuban, Stavropol, Volgograd State Universities and the technical colleges in Taganrog, Astrakhan, Rostov-on-Don, Volgograd, Stavropol and Novocherkassk. Based on those relationships the laboratories, the departments and the Judiciaries are created and scientific conferences and seminars are held. Also created are the conditions for the formation of scientific and educational centers.

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